DSC_3165 3As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Fairmont State University, I oversee the Fairmont State Libraries, our Teaching and Learning Commons, Application Services, Network and Server support, Web & Media Systems, and Institutional Research activities.

I also have experience in institutional benchmarking and peer review at UNCW where I supervised a group of technologists and procedural/work flow analysts responsible for improving campus administrative effectiveness and efficiency through the adoption of best practices and new technology. I have also served on numerous strategic planning committees and was an active member of the Middle States Accreditation Steering Committee at St. Bonaventure University. I have a broad curiosity and an interest in aligning technology efforts in ways that best serve the campus community. The above activities, along with campus dialogue, are invaluable resources to achieve that alignment.

My dissertation research focused on blended learning and the use of internet-aided techniques to complement and enrich traditional classroom instruction. I am an advocate for blended learning as a way to tap the best of both traditional and online instructional methods to better achieve desired learning outcomes and appeal to the diverse learning styles of today’s students. Technology enriched learning also provides new opportunities to incorporate constructivist teaching methodology where the student is an active and engaged participant in a guided learning experience. This form of learning is a natural extension of our digital and mobile world where vast information resources are at the fingertips of each student. At Berea College I served as a member of a Scenario Planning Taskforce appointed by the President. This work led to the adoption of a new institutional plan focused on engaged and transformative learning. At the request of our President, I also led a research team on the scholarship of teaching and learning which included a review of high-impact educational practices and “best in class” features of Learning Centers in higher education.

I believe in building strong partnerships to ensure that technology advances our mission in all its various forms. It is a joy moving between venues to identify opportunities to partner with those engaged in strengthening our academic programs, enhancing student learning, and innovating the way we interact, work, and communicate through the adoption of new technology.


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