Research and Presentations


  1. High-Impact Learning (updated in 2014): An outline for blended learning that considers both effective practices and technology
  2. Mobile Security (Nov 2013): Was quoted in the linked article from EDTECH Focus on Higher Education.
  3. Matrix of Best in Class Learning Centers (2011):
  4. Portal Technology and Student Progression (2008 with minor updates in 2014):
  5. Multiple Modes of Instruction (2003): Dissertation and some early research on blended learning
  6. Enrollment Management (1996): Attributes Associated with an Outstanding Enrollment Management Program


  1. The Learning Commons (2016): WVAA Presentation on the Learning Commons…  An integration of space, people, and technology to support student learning outside of the classroom.
  2. Dashboards (2012): Presentation to the Board of Trustees – Berea College
  3. Trends for Technology in Education (2010): AIKCU Symposium presentation
  4. Student Portals (2009): Teaching and Learning Luncheon Presentation
  5. Information Technology in Higher Education (2008): Trustees Core Program Presentation – Berea College


  1. EAD 824  – Technology and Leadership Practices for Program Improvement: Eastern Kentucky University This is web-enhanced course designed to introduce the student to research  relative to the integration of technology into K-12 school systems and to help students understand and apply research-based, best practices, in K-12 technology integration initiatives. The study of assessment, improvement, and application of computer technology and effective leadership practices in education will be addressed. The major goal of this course is for each student to leave with an increased ability to effectively and efficiently implement and use technology in the school and classroom. Basic legal and ethical issues related to educational technology will also be introduced and discussed. Students will initiate their program ePortfolio in this course.
  2. DBA 110 Database Concepts: Database Programming: Cape Fear Community College This course introduces database design and creation using a DBMS product. Emphasis is placed on data dictionaries, normalization, data integrity, data modeling, and creation of simple tables, queries, reports, and forms. Upon completion, students should be able to design and implement normalized database structures by creating simple database tables, queries, reports, and forms.
  3. CTS 130 Spreadsheet Scripting: Cape Fear Community College This course introduces spreadsheet design and development. Topics include writing formulas, using functions, enhancing spreadsheets, creating charts, and printing.

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