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Carnegie Mellon University: Symposium on New Paradigms of Teaching and Learning

This is an excellent conversation on the transformation of teaching and learning hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. Highlights include:

  1. Learning Outcomes: Evidence is suggesting that the flipped classroom approach can improve learning outcomes in high enrollment courses like foundation courses. This might allow us to rethink the viability of larger classes in some situations.
  2. Streamlining Course Development: The Gates Foundation is supporting a study at the University of Maryland involving recombining content available in MOOCS for use in campus courses.  The notion that we must build our courses from scratch is being tested.
  3. Residential Learning: Technology-enhanced learning can complement residential learning if used to free faculty for other important activities.  A focus on achieving learning outcomes using the “best mix” of online and face-to-face interaction could create an immersive residential learning experience.
  4. Adaptive Learning Models: The Gates Foundation is supporting the use of adaptive learning models in high enrollment general education and developmental education courses.
  5. Transformation of Teaching and Learning: Transformation takes place when individual course-level enhancements transition to collective change.
  6. Access: We are now reaching audiences that were previously excluded from higher education.  MOOCs were sited as well as the new open source (a collaboration between Google and
  7. Simon Initiative: Links cognitive models of learning with computation tools to create focus on both the learner and measurably improving learning outcomes (click here).
  8. Getting Technology Right – Focus on the Learner: “Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks.  The teacher can advance
    learning only by influencing what the student does to learn.”  – Herbert Simon, 2001
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Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning

This is a compilation of links to Web 2.0 tools and apps.  A special thank you to Anthony Basham at Berea College for assistance compiling this.

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EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014

It is interesting that many of the issues this year focus on student outcomes and learning.  What do you think?

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014

  1. Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology
  2. Establishing a partnership between IT leadership and institutional leadership to develop a collective understanding of what information technology can deliver
  3. Assisting faculty with the instructional integration of information technology
  4. Developing an IT staffing and organizational model to accommodate the changing IT environment and facilitate openness and agility
  5. Using analytics to help drive critical institutional outcomes
  6. Changing IT funding models to sustain core service, support innovation, and facilitate growth
  7. Addressing access demand and the wireless and device explosion
  8. Sourcing technologies and services at scale to reduce costs (via cloud, greater centralization of institutional IT services and systems, cross-institutional collaborations, and so forth)
  9. Determining the role of online learning and developing a strategy for that role
  10. Implementing risk management and information security practices to protect institutional IT resources/data and respond to regulatory compliance mandates*
  1. Developing an enterprise IT architecture that can respond to changing conditions and new opportunities*

* Tie

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Funny Depiction of the Impact of Technology on Human Evolution



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